Web Designing Company in Chennai

When you think of starting your online sales website or planning to expand your business (Product / Service) online, the very first step you need to take is creating a Website. To create a website and host online, you need a domain name and space hosting (Web Server). That’s it, good to go for website development now.

Choosing the best, informative and advanced web designer from the market isn’t an easy task. The critical part of website designing is, you must choose the reliable website designers or website designing company that provides support even after the delivery of the website. Your website needs to be maintaining with current update all the time. Outdated coding, database structures, server language version need to monitor and update accordingly, else it will lead to the hacking, lose reputation (Grade / Rank), drop of ranking in search engines etc.

The problem arises between the web designing company and to the client, is what the proper contract. Designing company will quote only for the website designing and the delivery. When the client and the client’s websites need to be update, designing company will ask for the extra money for the service. Which client not aware of it and deny to pay. The ultimate result client’s website go down. Client should understand each work will take time and cost, even they paid for website designing. No work will come for free, and when you pay to website designing company, they happy to attend all your queries, and keep your website up for all time. JESVIN WEBS, promises continue providing the support even after delivery of the website.

Each Web Designers has own their style to develop the website. A proper website required, clean coding (HTML / CSS / PHP / SCRIPTS), unique content, proper optimized images, responsive in all devices, meta title / meta description / alt tag optimization and bug free functions of php or any scripts.

In JESVIN WEBS, we strongly believe “Website” is heart of your business, to create awareness, sales, lead generation. It’s very important to focus, how we going to development our website. Website speaks to your customer directly, so you must give little extra care to website’s content. Websites must be ease to access by customer, and able to buy or place request for service or register on it.

According to the current statistics, 70% of the users are accessing your website by mobile and tab devices . So, keep in mind that you website should able to work in mobile devices with the same features. PWA (Progressive Web Apps) the new features that arrived in the web technologies helps to act like native apps, need not to register in any Google, IoS or windows platform or develop of it.

Website Designing, It’s all about, how your website should intermediate between you and your customers. When you selling something online, customer should feel that they are in trusted place to buy and use it. Sometimes when you sell existing brand’s products which available on the market, or when you sell your own manufacturing products, customer is the judge to review and advice others to buy again. For it, you keep your website very clean and neat with what you selling or what you offering to customers. If the feel and look is not satisfied by customer, there is no point that we developing the website for you.

We “JESVIN WEBS”, are well experienced, experimented web developers will take care of your entire needs of website development. We guide you right from domain name registration to reach your ideas and intentions, until to get fulfilled.

We’ll lineup for following process, to create the beautiful website for you.

Stage #1

  • Analyze the product or service, which you offer by website.
  • Opportunity auditing for ROI (Return of Investment) for your product or service, which you offer by website
  • Examining your competitor, how do they done their websites.
  • Stage #2

  • Choose the best domain name for your website
  • Choose the best space server suites to your requirements.
  • Choose the best language or platform fits for your requirements
  • Creating the elegant design for your website
  • Creating the unique content and the royal free or premium stock images
  • Optimizing (On Page Optimize) all the page up to the search engine user friendly
  • Testing before launch to online
  • Admit to indexing in all search engines.
  • When you talk about website designing and development, we would prefer to use below technologies and framework for the website designing work.

  • HTML – Static Website
  • PHP – Dynamic Website like CMS / Ecommerce
  • CorePHP – Web Application
  • ASP.NET – CMS Website / Ecommerce Website
  • WordPress – CMS Website / Ecommerce Website
  • Joomla – CMS Website / Ecommerce Website
  • Drupal - CMS Website / Ecommerce Website
  • Magento - CMS Website / Ecommerce Website
  • My personal experience, I could say, sometimes you may get chance to beat all the SEO expenses to reach your website first page in any search engines. I personally experienced, when I followed above procedures, my clients got some (Not Much) sales and leads without spending any money for SEO. To reach or maximize the opportunity in sales and lead generation, we would prefer to try services like, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and PPC Management Services.

    So, what are you waiting for? Would you to utilize the online opportunity to grow your business? Consult us today!!