Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

What Digital Marketing

Digital marketing define advertise your product or service using digital marketing technologies. There is various type of digital marketing platform out there to utilize our expectation. Each digital marketing platform has own type of adverting method like display advertising, text advertising, banner advertising, video advertising, messaging advertising, email advertising.

Use of Digital Marketing

When you use of digital marketing, you will able to brand or create awareness of your product or service and get you the new customers. There are so many online (Internet) users are using the social media platform for some purpose like, chatting, video watching, texting, gaming, blogging, reading etc. Among those crowd your product will be displayed and advertise. If any user need of your product or service, they will come to your website immediately.

Type of Digital Marketing

There are so many social medial platform offers advertising opportunity to advertise your products. For an example Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube etc. Each platform have own style of advertising method and their own audience. It’s our responsibility to choose best digital marketing platform and method to advertise our products. JESVIN WEBS helps you to identify the best opportunity through the digital marketing. We guide from the scratch till you get returns from investments. We assure you that we will continue working with you for a longer period of time.

Risk Factors

Due to heavy competition in digital marketing, the pricing will go higher, which it automated bidding and billing system runs by the social media platform or search engines. Moreover there is a change of excess billing due to competitor clicks on our advertising. Competitors will make this action, to reduce our budget and make disappear of our advertisement from social media platform. Hence, we could try to avoid those bad clicks from the competitor. We can monitor this action by analyzing the conversion report.


Each social media advertising have their own pricing, JESVIN WEBS will provide you the billing summary very transparently. JESVIN WEBS will charge you only for the campaign management cost. It depends on the how reach you looking for on the social media marketing. Try with us once, we show you how good we are in digital marketing advertising.