SEO Service in Chennai

Search Engine Optimization is very useful and important to make visibility and rank in all search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. Search engines allow users to search and find what they looking for in particular place. For example if you having the websites, that sells “Flowers”, and the user try to search for the key terms “Flower in Chennai” or “Buy Flower with Home Delivery”, your website should show in top of or fist page for customer to find you.

In JESVIN WEBS, we are the expertise in search engine optimization, succeeded many websites brought into first page. Our team is good knowledgeable from development, designing, optimize the pages, analyze the opportunity for your business.

In my experience, I personally define SEO is not a deliverable service. If you ask for website designing how you want, what colour you want, it’s deliverable. But ranking your website or particular web pages (URL) in search engine is not that much easy, but achievable. To achieve ranking of your website in any search engines, SEO knowledge is not sufficient. Knowledge will allow you to follow some steps of procedure to apply on your website. Most common method of SEO process is…

  • Meta Title / Meta Description
  • ALT Image Tag
  • H1 Tag
  • Minimum 500+ words of content in each page
  • Keyword Stuffing or Keyword density Check in the body of content.
  • A Href linking
  • Indexing
  • Site Submission / Directory Submission
  • Link Building (Baclinks)
  • Experience is what very important to judge / analyze / find the issues for not ranking. SEO is all about to follow the search engine rules (Algorithm) to take place in first page or first position. There are only 8 to 10 positions (Ranking) in the first page, and thousands of competitors (Websites / URL’s) are fighting for it. Only expertise can give you the answer, whether you can win or not.

    In JESVIN WEBS, we deeply analyze your website and provide you the clear information about ranking possibilities. Our process for search engine optimization will make you clear idea of duration, costing, returns etc.

  • Analyze
    1. 1. Analyze of your product or service in search engines.

      2. Competitor Analyze, to check how powerful they are with DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Backlink Count Etc. It helps to determine how much we need to work on SEO to compete or win in ranking.

  • Keywords
    1. 1. Finding the right keywords for your business

      2. Keyword’s search volume, to understand how much traffic / sales / lead you’ll get when you rank in first page

      3. Keyword’s Ranking Competition : High / Medium / Low, allow us to determine how long we need to work for ranking

  • Duration
    1. 1. Prediction of ranking (SERP: Search Engine Ranking Position) is not that much easy. Most common promises in SEO agency is 3 to 6 months. There is a general theory that “Low Competitive” keywords will rank quicker and “High Competitive” keywords will take longer period. It’s somehow true, but a proper analyzing of ranking possibility and by an expertise guide, it can be predicted promptly.

    In JESVIN WEBS, we provide you the best information about your website and ranking possibilities. We provide quality of data of each keyword separately and our pricing are very affordable and transparent. We don’t charge unnecessarily for every keyword when it easy to rank.

    Healthy Contract: SEO service required healthily contract between service buyer (You) and service provider (Us). After you examined our experience in search engine optimization service, it is the right time to sign a contract with us. Most SEO contract discarded or terminated due to non-payment of monthly due by service buyer. That’s why SEO agencies ask for 3 or6 month upfront as advance to start the SEO work for your website. Again, considering service buyer side, it is not fare that pays 6 month payment at once as an advance. Discontinue in between the contract period, is bigger mistake and complete loss for service buyer only.

    As the solution for these issues, JESVIN WEBS offers you monthly payment with milestones and warranty for SEO Services.


    Each month you can verify whether the milestone are achieved or not, then you can release our next month payment. The milestone are (For Example)..

      First Month (Day #1 – Day #30) : Within 15 Page

      Second Month (Day #31 – Day #60) : Within 10 Page

      Third Month (Day #61- Day #90) : Within 5 Page

      Forth Month (Day #91 – Day #120) : On 1st or 2nd Page

      Fifth Month (Day #121 – Day #150) : On 1st Page (Top 5 to 10 Position)

      Sixth Month (Day #151 – Day #180) : Top 5 Position

    Above, milestone promises may vary keyword to keyword or based on competition of the keyword

    Our Warranty: JESVIN WESB offers best of two warranties from our side, to encourage our client and feel safe of client’s investments.

      1. We won’t ask payment (Next Due) until we reach our promised milestone.

      2. If, any stage milestone taking more than 90 days to achieve, we promise you that we will refund your full payment, which you paid behalf of SEO Services to us.

    Hope you clear with our terms and conditions. Still having question do call us @ 9500080727 or mail us @ with your queries.