Web Application Development

What is Web Application? : Web Application is the kind of web oriented software, can access via internet anywhere in the world. If you use or develop desktop application, you can use only on your desktop or laptop which installed in local.

Web application can be built by various languages like .NET, PHP, Jason, Java Etc. It depends, which platform can meet your requirements. Web Application can host on web servers, provide access for many users and can access globally.

Various type of Web Application: Web application, can be built for various purposes from attendance to ERP. Here we list some of our experience which we built for clients.

  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Attendance Web Application
  • HRMS (Human Resources Management System)
  • Accounting Web Application
  • Billing (Invoicing) Web Application
  • CRM Web Application (Customer Rights Management)
  • Lead Management Web Application
  • ERP Web Application (Enterprise resource planning)
  • Custom Develop Web Application
  • Benefits of Web Application: There are so many industries out there in the world like Automobile, Education, Finance, Hospitals, Real Estate, Tourism, Transportation etc. Each one of the sector required to maintain their business to track the best of its performances. And for the mandatory records to be maintain to submit to government procedure like accounting, auditing, taxing etc.

    Web Application Built With: There are so many Web application platforms (Framework) is available for the development. Here we list some Framework for your review. Angular, ASP.NET, BLOCKCHAIN, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Django, Drupal, Express, Laravel, METEORJS, NODE.JS, Rails, React, RUBY ON RAILS, SilverStripe, Spring, Symfony, TENSORFLOW, Vue.JS, YII, Zend Framework Etc.

    We preferred to work with CodeIgniter, Laravel, ASP.Net as we developed many web applications on those frameworks.

    Web Application Development Process:

      1. We accumulate your exact requirement

      2. Get ready the documentation (Blue Print of the Web Software)

      3. Get approval from client for approval

      4. Prepare the quotation, get approval from client

      5. We make demo version (HTML [Static Version]) of the web software based on approved documentation (See : S.No 2)

      6. Amendment if any changes required on the demo version, else get approval from client for final development

      7. Application Development

      8. Testing

      9. Delivery of Web Application, Training, Host it on live server

      10. Keep monitoring the performance of the website application, supporting (AMC), servicing after web application delivery

    In JESVIN WEBS, we have development many web applications for the various industries. JESVIN WEBS provides best support and service after delivery. We strongly believe that Web Application hot core of the client business, and it should run without any interruption. Some clients may not aware of some maintenance action to be taken place to keep the web application live 24/7. Some Clients are may not be able to support some technical aspects. Don’t worry, In JESVIN WEBS we support entirely and walk with you forever and ever. We respect our client and client’s investment towards the web application development, and we understand that Web Application should work properly for the best of client’s business growth along with our growth.